About Farraday’s of Windermere

Where it all began……

For twenty-two years, I owned one of the longest running restaurants in Bowness in the heart of the English Lake District on the shores of Lake Windermere. I have always loved inventing and creating plates with a twist and as the head chef, I only used quality ingredients and suppliers, often taking my inspiration from all over Europe and beyond.

The brand combines my family name with a word that says everything about my products – ‘Farraday’s Tasty’. Farraday’s Tasty is known not just for its first product Tasty Olives but for its Tasty range of Relish’s, Chutney’s, Pickle’s, Hot Sauce’s and our special Wasabi Mayonnaise. We have also just launched a new range of gifts with more to come so watch this space!

Where it started with Farraday’s Tasty Olives……

My olives had been served at the restaurant for many years; over which time, I developed a perfect recipe as well as a process that gives these olives a distinct flavour. If you think you don’t like olives – think again!

When I first tried olives I struggled with their bitter flavour and so by marinating them in this way, from the inside out, a sweeter taste and a different texture was created. As we only use pitted olives, the flavours get into the flesh from the inside and are much richer and intense. Olives have semi-waterproof skins so they can not be penetrated from the outside with added flavours. Unlike other brands of olives, you can taste the flavours added to these olives and the marinade can also be used in cooking once you have eaten them. Our olives are also different because unlike most manufacturers, we only use fresh herbs and spices and we pasteurise them during production. Due to the overwhelming feedback from visitors to the restaurant over the years, I decided to start to sell the olives in jars for people to take away. They quickly became notorious, and people would just drop into the restaurant to pick up a jar or two. Now we are branching out so that more people can experience their unique taste.

My First Relish……

My Tomato and Pineapple Relish came about through experimentation when I realised that pineapple, garlic and tomato worked well together. I like to have a different dimension to stir things up a bit so I added fennel seed and fresh coriander. I also worked carefully on the texture and the appearance of the relish – producing a finer relish with cubes of fruit to add texture.

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