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How to Create the Perfect Cheese & Chutney Combo

While many take pride in their appreciation of fine wines and whiskeys, there is one special kind of refined palette that deserves a little more kudos than it’s currently getting; the cheese expert! Yes that’s right, much like Transformers, there’s more to cheese than meets the eye, and knowing how to pair a good cheese with the right chutney is a fine thing indeed. So, without further ado here is our guide on how to create the perfect cheese and chutney combo.

For some, the thought of their favourite cheese is all it takes to prompt a quick trip to the local delicatessen, while for others the thought of strong stilton can turn the stomach. Luckily, there’s a wide range of cheeses out there to suite almost every palette, and with such a fantastic range of delicious chutneys available on this very website, who can resist the opportunity to take their cheese game to the next level?

So, whether you are a cheese-tasting veteran or a complete newcomer, here’s a list of cheeses along with their perfect Farraday’s Tasty Chutney pairings!


Perhaps the best-known cheese on our list, cheddar is a relatively mild yet still incredibly tasty and enjoyable cheese. Available in a range of strengths, cheddar is a perfect cheese for kids, often making its way into packed lunches in one form or another.
As many have discovered, cheddar goes incredibly well with pickle, making our Cumberland Pickle or Piccalilli the perfect partners. Whether you prefer a simple side of cheese and crackers, or a full-blown ploughman’s lunch, this tasty combo will without a doubt be the highlight of the dish.

Goat’s Cheese

Discovering goat’s cheese for the first time is a memorable experience. The rich, creamy flavour and soft, spreadable texture of this cheese makes it very popular for both quick snacks and full meals (we say the more of it, the better).
Goat’s cheese can be either gratefully accompanied with additional rich flavours such as our delicious Apple, Date and Ginger chutney, or complimented with the sweet heat of our Hot Lava Java Tomato and Mango Chutney.


Brie is a fantastic cheese eaten hot or cold. It can stand tall amongst other cheeses on a cheeseboard, or accompany other dressings and garnishes on a hot, gooey sandwich. Try it on a toasted bacon sandwich; it will change your life.
This is another cheese that really comes to life when paired with fruity flavours. From our Beetroot, Orange and Ginger through to our Sweet Tomato and Pineapple Relish, there are plenty of rich, sweet and fruity jams and chutneys to match with a nice slice of brie.

Blue Cheese

Here’s where a little bit of personal preference comes into play. Blue cheese is certainly for the more refined palette, and the distinct flavour and aroma that comes with a blue cheese is often enough to put some people off their appetite altogether!
In our experience, sweeter chutneys add a nice accompanying flavour to a blue cheese, as well as taking the ‘edge’ off the strong taste that many find difficult to move past. For this, it might be best to browse our great range of chutneys, pickles and sauces and decide which of our sweeter offerings you’d prefer to add to a blue cheese or even try your blue cheese with our Wasabi and Mango Mayo!


Parmesan is commonly an accompaniment to a larger dish, especially when it comes to Italian food, so the question here is not only which of our offerings goes best with parmesan, but which is also a great addition to larger-scale dishes?
Here, we’d recommend something a little less overpowering, something that brings its own taste, but leaves plenty of room of the other great flavours in the dish. Firstly, our jars of Tasty Olives are great with Italian-inspired dishes, so a small portion in or alongside your main dish or is a great start. As many Italian dishes are made with a rich tomato sauce, our Sweet Tomato and Pineapple also goes great with dishes topped with parmesan, bringing that familiar tomato flavour but with a sweet, unique twist!

So there you have some of our best recommendations for the perfect pairing of cheese and chutney. If you can’t decide which of our tantalisingly-tasty products you want to try first, we stock fantastic Mixed Sauce Hampers that allow you to choose nine jars from our selection.

Be sure to check back on our blog soon for more great tips and guides, and remember; stay-tasty!

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