Add a delicious creamy kick to your dish with Farraday's Wasabi and Mango

Wasabi Mango Mayo


Wasabi and Mango Mayonnaise by Farraday’s Stay Tasty

The Wasabi and Mango Mayonnaise contains a deep, smooth and creamy mayo with a subtle back-ground heat created by the Wasabi. The gorgeous mango tingle on the palate comes by way of the aftertaste which leaves the diner craving more!

The Wasabi and Mango Mayonnaise is great with steak, chips, chicken, seafood or on a sandwich.

For those creative cooks that are feeling adventurous, the Wasabi and Mango Mayonnaise can also be used in cooking as it is heat stable.

Like all sauces and relishes within our range, the Wasabi and Mango Mayonnaise is Gluten Free.

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Product Description

(150g jar)

A smooth and creamy mayonnaise with a nice back ground heat from the Wasabi followed with a nice mango tingle on the pallet.

Ingredients – Rapeseed oil, sweetened milk, free range pasteurised egg powder, citric acid, Mango puree (10%), (5%) Wasabi powder (Horseradish, Mustard, Wasabi).

Nutritional Information per 100g – Energy Kcal 628, Energy kj 2588, Protein 2.3, Carbohydrate 8.3, Sugars 5.7, Fats 64.8, Saturates 5.3, Fibre 0.4, Salt 0.8.

Also available in a 1kg catering pack (use our contact form to request more info).


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