Tasty Chutney Twists (Part 1)

Recipes evolve over time. It’s inevitable; grandchildren will alter their grandmother’s recipes through adding their own personal touch in the form of little twists; well, chutneys are one of those simple little additions that can really elevate and evolve a recipe to the next level.

And why not? Chutneys are the perfect addition to any dish; they can add that spot of spiciness, a whole heap of heat, a touch of tanginess or, ultimately, dare to dictate and develop that pre-existing deliciousness! So, which dishes have we found can be easily transformed with a dollop of tasty chutney?



Are you looking for a great mayo to complement your sandwich? No matter whether you went for sweetcorn and tuna or a reliable BLT, there’s no way you can go wrong with a Wasabi Mango Mayo. If you love a little extra kick with your lunch, opt for this smooth and creamy mayonnaise – you’ll be left with a delicious mango aftertaste in your mouth that will leave you refreshed and wanting more!


So, you’ve created the perfect homemade burger and chips for dinner, but forgot to buy the ketchup? No problem! A Hot Chilly & Tomato Jam is exactly what you need to accompany your meal. Great as a dip or mixed with mayo, this is the perfect sauce to dip your chips in!

And, should you prefer, you can even add it to the patty mix. If you’re cooking for guests and made a vegetarian, beef or tuna burger, a splotch of this chutney will certainly impress everyone – and every taste!


Sure, you can accompany your pies with Picalilli, but that’s not all you can do! Have you ever considered adding a spoonful or two of Picalilli to your actual pie mix? This sweet and tangy sauce will notch it all up a level and offer a delicious burst of flavours in your mouth.

With salted-and-sour vegetables with a little background kick, this Picalilli is truly one-of-a-kind – and perfect in pies, whether as a side or actually inside it.


Cheese is already great, but with this Hot Lava Java Tomato and Mango Chutney it can become truly spectacular. Its heat is not overpowering, so the chutney is perfect for both mild and intense cheese flavours. This means that it goes well with all kinds of cheese, from stilton to brie, cheddar to halloumi.

The sweetness of the chutney can liven up any cheese platter served at a meal and is guaranteed to impress everyone, from kids to grown-ups. And, if you plan on doing a cheese fondue, why not spread hot, melted cheese on a slice of bread and add a spoonful of chutney on top?

The resulting taste will be unique and exceptional!

Our amazing chutneys were designed to offer you maximum flavour, so by adding them to your daily recipes you can truly get the most out of them! We’re offering free shipping on all order over £30 in the UK if you order online, so go ahead and contact us today on 015394 48528. We’re confident our tasty chutney twists will leave your mouth watering!

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