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Tasty Tips for Maximum Chutney Enjoyment!

As you may have noticed, our expert team at Farrady’s Stay Tasty specialise in the creation of an incredibly tasty range of chutney, sauces, pickle’s and the most delightful relishes designed to give regular, everyday foods a flavoursome twist.

Whether you like to get inventive with your chutneys, using a range of preserves to create a culinary masterpiece, or simply wish to add a welcome boost of flavour to a classic cheese sandwich, these simple products can add the perfect finishing touch to almost any dish!
Here, we’ll explore some dishes that go perfectly with good chutney or relish, so if you’re looking for something different to spice up your next evening meal, read on!

Up Your Cheese Game

Ask a random handful of people to list “the finer things in life” and you’re likely to get a very broad range of answers. For some, a well-aged wine or whiskey is their idea of treating their refined palate, for others it’s a generous cheeseboard with a great selection of accompaniments!
We have a fantastic range of chutneys, each with a unique flavour, so some suit certain cheeses more than others. Luckily, we recently posted a helpful guide on matching cheeses with chutneys, so be sure to check that post out here.

The Roast with the Most

Every self-respecting Brit loves a traditional Sunday roast dinner. From slow cooked roast beef and chicken to crispy roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings, there’s so much to enjoy on a traditional Sunday roast, but you can add even more flavour to the plate with a dollop or two of a quality chutney or relish.
With such a wide range of flavours available, there’s something to suit a wide range of Sunday roasts, from our Apple, Date and Ginger (well-suited to pork dishes as is traditional Apple Sauce) to our Hot Lava Java (for those who love their chicken with a kick!), you can be sure to find something that suits your personal preferences.

Farraday's Apple, Date and Ginger chutney, perfect for use with roast pork dinners Farraday's Hot Lava Java Sauce perfect for use with a Sunday roast

Minimum Effort, Maximum Flavour

It’s fair to say that not everyone really cares about cooking complex dishes that take more than 15 minutes to put together; from students to busy working professionals, some people just don’t have time to spend in the kitchen.
Luckily, our selection of top-notch chutneys, relishes and sauces are perfect for making quick and simple dishes taste fantastic. Simply adding a dash of our Brinjal Pickle or Wasabi Mango Mayo to a simple cheese sandwich creates a great new flavour. If you want to push the boundaries further, why not use our Weaper Reaper spicy chilli sauce to make a simple chicken dish a tasty treat for those who like their food spicy!

Farraday's Brinjal Pickle perfect for enhancing any food Add a delicious creamy kick to your dish with Farraday's Wasabi and Mango

Master the Burger

Burgers these days come in all shapes and sizes with a huge variety of toppings available.  From slow-cooked pulled pork burgers to borderline-hazardous ‘monster burgers’ that are stacked higher than any sandwich should ever be, burger restaurants always find new ways to re-invent the classic sandwich.
However, for those who enjoy making their own burgers at home, you can create something truly flavoursome by pairing your sandwich with a quality product from Farraday’s Tasty.  A simple spread is enough to add a delicious edge to your burger, and there’s plenty in our range for you to experiment with new flavour combinations in your own kitchen! What would we recommend?

Perfect for Dipping

Our tasty chutneys and sauces are also perfect for combining with other ingredients to create something new. A popular option is mixing a spoon or two of chutney with a pot of Greek Yoghurt to create a smooth, delicious dip, perfect for pairing with Indian dishes. Be sure to keep this tip in mind and whisk up a tasty dip before ordering your next take-away!
Should you have any questions regarding which of our products can be used in specific meals and recipes please check out our blog or contact us directly

Meat Mixer

Another great way to combine chutneys or relishes with a view to creating something new and unique is to mix it in with ground meat before cooking.  Whether you’re making homemade meatballs, burger patties or a sausage roll filling, you can add a variety of flavours to the meat before cooking to give it a welcome kick! From fruity chutneys to jams that pack some serious heat, there are tonnes of ways to combine our awesome selection with ground or minced meat before cooking.

Conquer the Salad

Okay, let’s get one thing straight; no matter how healthy and low-calorie salad is, without a little dressing, the taste is pretty bland! Our selection of dressings are perfect for bringing a plain-old salad to life, and with plenty of flavours and textures on offer, you can experiment with your salads and create a healthy dish that excites your taste buds for once!

So, there we have a few top tips for maximum chutney enjoyment!
Our product range can be used in any manner that you see fit! The key to success is the experiment and if you find a perfect combination, please let us know so that we can share with our readers and social followers!

We will of course credit your creation.

Should you have any questions regarding our range, wish to discuss potential new sauce ideas or require help with your creation please contact our team on 015394 48528.

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